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Welcome to A Wizard and A Cat.

Douglas finds a magical talking cat, who commands him and his friends to join her in a quest to turn her back into a human. They must traverse into her realm, Cloud Nine, and must find the man who has turned her into a little kitty. Join Douglas in this absurdist, perverted, slice of life adventure as he balances work, college, and adventuring! It's kind of a slice of life thing too. Just thought I'd mention that.

Moving Soon

Hey all :P I won't be updating this week. I'll be moving soon. It's been rough and shit, but yeah.

Plus i'm thinking about going bi-weekly on the uploads again = 3=. I'm just way too busy with RL shit to keep up.

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Chapter 3 Writing progress

It's almost done! I just wanted folks to know. I'm planning on finishing chapter 3's chapter today, at least the written form. I'll be ironing out the kinks tonight. I hope that tomorrow I can get started on storyboarding the entirety of Chapter 3, but I'll have to see what i can do tonight :P.

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Chapter 3 Storyboarding Progress

Got half of Chapter 3 typed :) I thought I was going to be able to update this on Sunday, but I'm so swamped with busy-ness that I literally just can't, unless you want just a singular panel, which I won't provide because that cuts a lot of the writing and storyboarding process.

I know I don't get as much views doing it like this, but I personally feel more satisfied with these bulkier updates that span within longer weeks. That, and I really have more time to flesh out the writing and the storyboarding. It feels so good and sexy that I'm just going to have to draw the girls in this comic naked.

HOWEVER! I'm still thinking about doin' a weekly update, you know? I love doin' this, but the views wouldn't hurt. Maybe It's just a bad week, you know? Maybe I literally just can't update this week. We'll see next week. I'm not one of those people whose words are set in stone, I'm a hypocrite, which is great since I'm always available for change. So, yeah. :)

Just felt like updatin' the few who read this.

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Hey guys. Sorry for the late heads up, but I might not be able to get the pages colored in time. There are midterms coming up and a bunch of assignments due of the day of the midterms. I thought that I could get all of the pages done, since this is the last update for Chapter 2, since it'll be complete after this update, but it seems I was a bit too cocky :P. I'll try to get it out this week, or if not, the next Sunday (It'll be Sunday for me, but it might be a totally different day for you guys).

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Sorry for the no update :/

I was still getting over my flu a bit and today, this Sunday, I had to go to Dinagyang, national black face day (no i'm not kidding) and I was utterly tired throughout the whole experience since I was still recovering. However, thanks to me not uploading, I feel like I have a nice sense of what I want the comic to feel like, and I got the chapter 2 storyboard completed to boot. I'll try to upload the pages as quickly as possible, but to be honest I'd rather upload a complete, worth while, update, but I'll probably update the next Sunday. Sorry guys.

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Pain gone tonight. Going to color tomorrow

Alright... Night has fallen here in the Philippines and my pains have gone away drastically. I don't know why the fuck my body does this crap, but crisis averted, thank fuck.

Now, I was thinking about re-writing AWAC, but I don't think i'm going to do that this early. I'll just keep continuing on with the story with the unfortunate beginnings. Just know that there might, keywoard MIGHT, be some inconsistencies, as I'm still internally debating whether or not Douglas's world is going to be either wacky or more grounded in reality. I think i'll keep his attitude cynical, since I, myself, am a bit cynical and I find great joy in creating a character that is such, even though I know that it makes the character hateable.

Well, that's all :) i'm going to be coloring the pages tomorrow IF MY BODY DOESN'T FUCK ME so yeah :) Was scared that i was going to go under the knife in this cess pool of a country :p

Sorry about the scare, for those who read the news. I was kind of worried, myself... obviously. I'm too beautiful to die, man.

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Appendix :|

Hey guys :P Remember that thing I said a day ago about me feeling better? Well, my flu died down, but the whole stomach thing didn't. I don't remember if I explained this in the last post or not, but the doctors were suspecting that it was appendicitis and sent me home with some medication to see if ti'd be better. If it didn't get better I'd have to go back in and get some x-rays or some shit of my appendix to see whether or not i'm going to get surgery or not. I'm scared to say that the pain didn't get better and in fact got worse to the point of being almost unbearable. It's no longer nausea, but just outright pain. And if I really have to go under the knife I'm going to go back to the States because I'd be fucking mental to be willing to undergo surgery here in the Philippines where the president willingly states that he killed people when he was 16 for fun.

Sooooo ya :| Life first, comic second. My ass still hurts from the diarrhea

Edit: Okay. The pains are still here, but thankfully not as crippling as it was compared to the morning. Still feeling shit, but I guess I just have to chalk this up to my poor immune system. I fucking swear, if I was alive during the ages where no medicine was readily available I would've been one of the people who would've died horribly before age 5.

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Feeling better and a re-write

Hey guys. I'm feeling kind of better, but my stomach is still giving me hell, the back of my head feels like someone slammed a 2x4 against it and it feels like i'm about to puke or take a steaming shit everytime I walk, but I'm well enough to sit my ass down at the computer now... so... yay!

Okay, I'm kind of unsatisfied about how AWAC started off, so I'm planning on doing a re-write of the beginning of the story. Sorry about that :P But I figured that it'd be super convenient to do it now, given how it's still very early on and we haven't gotten anywhere yet.

I'm wanting to change the mood to a lighter one and give the "real world" a more grounded feel, rather than a cooky, wacky one. Also wanting to change Douglas's character to a more light hearted one, rather than a prick. It was funny to me, at first, but it became kind of a headache as I looked back.

So sorry about all this. I'm not the best at writing and this comic is my "learning/expiremental" comic, for lack of a better word. I'm trying out new things here before I begin doing other works that are closer to my heart. So, this is all still a learning phase for me.

I'm gonna get writing... and take some pain meds.

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